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EQV Eqvalan® Liquid

Effective treatment and control of the following parasites in horses.
One low-volume dose is effective against important internal parasites,including the arterial stages of    ​                        Strongylus vulgaris, and bots.

Livacox T Eqvalan® Paste

Removes worms and bots with a single dose
Treatment of equine parasitism.

Gastrogard Gastrogard®

Proven to heal and prevent the recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses
Heal The Ulcer And See How They Run

Imrab Large Animal Imrab® Large Animal

Rabies Vaccine
Killed Virus
Rabies Protection for Horses

RecombitekRecombitek® Equine West Nile Virus

A recombinant canarypox vectored West Nile Virus vaccine
Recommended for the vaccination of healthy horses as    ​                        an aid in the prevention of viremia due to West Nile    ​                        Virus infection

Zimectrin Gold Zimectrin® Gold

Provides effective treatment and control of various parasites in horses
Removes tapeworms, roundworms and bots with   ​                         a single dose