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Once a dog joins the family, it's awfully hard to imagine life without it. Dog show contender, mighty hunter, lazy charmer, or shameless canine flirt - a dog becomes part of your world overnight. A few chewed slippers and an occasional oops inside the house are a small price to pay for such a dependable, loyal and entertaining friend.

Your dog's well being is in your hands. Regular veterinary care, a safe environment, plenty of exercise, the right food, and, of course, a steady dose of attention will add up to a healthy hound.

MERIAL is a worldwide leader in the animal health industry. Our extensive canine line includes products that range from those that get puppies off to the right start to those that help older dogs continue to enjoy life. Combined, they represent the result of decades of advanced clinical research and development.

We're looking forward to being your #1 canine health care partner, and we've designed to be your first choice for canine information.

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